Ako si i ti vrhunski sportaš, najbolje je studirati u Americi
U protekloj akademskoj godini na sveučilištima u Americi bilo je oko 600 studenata iz Hrvatske. Među njima je bila i vrhunska sportašica triatlonika Daria Pletikapa

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IP Quality Life Center X SSUSA
We are pleased to announce that Sports Scholarships USA (SSUSA) is partnering with IP Quality Life Center, New York, to improve both the quality and variety of our products and services and provide an integrated customer experience in sport. SSUSA offers a unique opportunity for young Croatian athletes to achieve their sports dreams and study at an American university,
A university in the United States is offering a full scholarship for athletes!
An outstanding offer for ATHLETES! A US university is offering a full scholarship and airline tickets for middle and long distance runners who meet their requirements (M/W). Contact us for more information.
American universities are offering athletic scholarships
There are more than 4,600 institutions in the higher education system of the United States. More than 50 of them are ranked in the top 100 universities according to the Academic Rankings of World universities. More than 800,000 international students, including about 600 from Croatia, were attending US universities in the last academic year.
If you are an outstanding athlete, it is best to study in America
About 600 students from Croatia were studying at US universities in the last academic year, including the outstanding triathlete Daria Pletikapa. 24SATA, DARIA PLETIKAPA, SCHOLARSHIPS
University in the US is seeking woman volleyball players
A US university is seeking women volleyball players for the following positions: middle blocker and outside striker. Further information is available in the Inbox or contact us by email at info@ssusa.eu

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SSUSAeu, Sports Scholarships USA

Telefon:    091 522 8396
Email:     info@ssusa.eu
Adresa: Voćarska 106
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IP Quality Life Center, New York is a cutting-edge sport science company which provides the best diagnostic solutions in fitness, elite sport and pain management.

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